Flipping Real Estate for Profit

Flipping Real Estate for ProfitThere are lots of cable television shows these days that feature “flipping” houses for profit that make it seem like just about everybody’s doing it. For the uninitiated, flipping a house means buying a house at one price, then improving it in a short amount of time to sell it again quickly for a substantial profit. Most people who flip there first house have dreams of making an enormous profit very easily, but it’s not that simple. Complications almost always come up, and you have to be very aware of the area, what the market will bear and which improvements are worth the investment to flip a house successfully.

You need to find a house that fits several criteria in order to make a healthy profit at flipping. Some of the things you need to take into consideration include:

Is the neighborhood a growing or improving one that buyers will be interested in?

Are the improvements or repairs needed ones that you can do within a reasonable budget?

Can you pay for the needed repairs/improvements and still net a good profit?

Low Risk Investment – One That Can Also Make You Wealthy

Low Risk Investment – One That Can Also Make You WealthyLow risk investments can yield high returns and here we will outline one that can do so, and has significant income advantages as well.

We all know property is a good low risk investment, but a way to turn into a high yielding investment is to buy in the right location.

Many people are put off property investment, because they think it is to complicated or expensive, however this one is not.

So what is the right location?

Costa Rica, just 3 hours from the US by direct flight has and is, providing stunning gains for savvy investors.

Consider this:

A $30,000 investment in property near the town of Jaco just 14 years ago, is worth up to $800,000 today!

Can your shares mutual funds or even your high risk investments rival this growth rate?

But this investment gets even better..

Not only do you have an asset going up in value. You could also get valuable rental income from the booming rental market, as well a FREE vacation home, to

Real Estate Investing in a Buyers Market

Real Estate Investing in a Buyers MarketProbably the best time to invest in real estate is during a down turn in the real estate market. In the United States we have seen a severe decline off of the highs of 2004 and 2005. In fact most major real estate markets but not all are down 15-20% and even those which are up by one percent or down by only 4-5% we see a major shift in buying behavior as supply grows and the number of buyers shrinks substantially.

If there was ever a time to buy it would be now in many of these markets. So if you happen to be the one holding onto cash and you like real estate as a place to invest and grow your wealth, well maybe this might be the right opportunity for you right now?

Many markets have very high foreclosure rates and many of the most recent buyers are in over their heads; that is to say high-payments and they now owe more than their homes are worth. This leads to walk-away foreclosures and provides buying opportunities for the serious

Making a Real Estate Transaction

Making a real estate transaction, involves many pros and cons. Real estate transaction is nothing but a process of exchange of real estate between two or more par ties. Here one person is called as the seller and the other person is called as the buyer. Some people simply transfer huge amount for real estate without understanding, the lender. When you are buying a land or real estate, first give a good preference for the owner. Understand his background and his nature. Find a good broker who can act as a mediator between you and him.

Real estate transaction also involves risks of real estate transfer tax. When you buy a property government takes certain amount from you. This tax rates generally vary from country to country and state to state. So when you are going to buy a land, try to pay good tax for the government, don’t try to take your black money and make a deal with owner. This is because illegal business won’t fetch good results. If you do everything legally your property will be immovable for long duration. When you go for government rules they help you in getting a property at

The Importance Of Home Inspection

It is very probable that your real estate agent have included a clause in your offer to purchase that makes a condition upon a home inspection that meats your satisfaction. If there is no such clause, it is most recommended that you insist to include it. Furthermore, it is highly suggested that you add a clause says that if the inspection report suggests additional inspections is required to cover specialized professionals (for example a heating specialist or an electrician), there would be an allowance to conduct them as well. The agreement of purchase is basically very similar to a binding contract and after it has been signed; there may be no room for changes and additions. Before making any signed offer, advice of a reputable real estate lawyer is required to ensure your interests are protected within the contract.

We have to remember that there are some items that cannot be inspected properly. For example, air conditioners cannot be inspected during the winter time and therefore a clause to ensure their satisfactory operation should be added and would allow the buyer the option to test the unit under in the summer.

First Time Home Buyer Tips

Being a first time home buyer is thrilling and frightening at the same time. The real estate market can pose an intimidation factor that scares some home buyers. However, by following a few simple tips buying a home can be fun, and you will be happy with the results.

There are many factors that contribute to an enjoyable buying experience and the tips listed below will get you started on the right track:

1. The first step is doing the research. Sure, research is probably the least enjoyable part of the whole experience but it is going to set the foundation for being a successful buyer. Once you have chosen the general area you would like to purchase in start looking at what types of homes are available and more importantly home prices in that area. This is different than actually searching for a home; instead you are just getting a feel for the market so that you have a better understanding when you do narrow your search.

2. Before beginning to search you must formulate a budget for your purchase. How can you tour houses if you don’t know what you can afford? Obtaining

Getting Cash Back When Buying a Home

Did you know that when you buy a home, you could have the opportunity to receive cash back worth thousands of dollars?

Some real estate agents are now operating on the basis that buying a home will be more interactive, with buyers researching and viewing homes for sale without the real estate agent being present. In return, the areal estate gent can rebate a substantial portion of their sales commission, which is paid by the seller, back to the buyer at the time of closing.

Buying a home has traditionally involved having a real estate agent show you home listings for sale based on the criteria that you are looking for, and when you find the right home, your purchase offer is presented to the listing agent.

In order to get a cash rebate, the process is basically the same, except the real estate agent representing you as the buyer, typically does not go with you to view the home listings. Instead, your agent can provide you with the home listing information, or you can research homes for sale from websites like Realtor.com.

To view a home, you could call the listing agent to

Real Estate Investment Property – Getting The Best Capital Growth

If you are looking at real estate investment and want to get the best capital growth then you need to keep 2 main points in mind.

If you do you will maximise your return and limit your risk so, here are your two important tips for maximising your returns onreal estate investment property.

1. Property Price to Reward

When buying investment real estate property we all want a cheap deal, but keep in mind you need to balance the risk reward and this means buying property with the best risk to reward.

For example, you can take a risk and buy a property cheaply in an area that may do well in the future but you are better off buying in a position where you KNOW its going to do well. For example buy near:

1. Existing popular locations

2. Changes in the infrastructure coming such as roads, marinas, entertainment etc

You know the chances of popular area spreading out are high and you also know that changes in the infrastructure will see values rise. So buy on facts, not on what you hope might happen or what you think will

Choosing a Selling Agent to Sell Your Home

Choosing a selling agent, or listing agent, to handle the sale of your home is a big decision. You want an agent that can sell your home quickly for what you want for it.

It is important to shop around when looking for an agent. You are looking for an agent that is familiar with your neighborhood. This often translates into an agent that has a nearby office. You want someone that uses current marketing techniques, include the Internet, e-mail and mass mailings. You also should look for an agent that has a list of clients that can provide recommendations.

There are several ways to start your search. The first way is to simply ask your friends, family and neighbors who they have used and their experiences. You want someone who is established in your neighborhood with a good reputation among homeowners and other agents.

Flip through your local newspaper and look for real estate ads that appeal to you. Most agents will list their neighborhood specialties in their ads, which is helpful in your search. Look at the homes in the ad. Are they similar to yours? Would your home sell among them?

How to Lease Residential Property for Profit

Basically there are two ways to make money off your real estate investment. You can sell it at a higher price, or rent/lease it out.

Finding possible buyers is not much different than finding possible tenants for your residential property. You can place ads at apartment complexes, shopping centers, and the local newspaper. Then you can hold open houses, arrange appointments to view the property, and negotiate terms.

The most obvious benefit of renting out your residential property is that you earn money while still holding ownership over the property. Although it may sound great there can be problems. You could possibly get a bad tenant that skips payments or damages the property during his/her stay. Of course you have the authority to kick them out but the damage has already been done. You now have to deal with the costs of repairing the property, losing out on the earnings that would have been earned while you find another tenant, and the devaluing of your property because of the damage.

To avoid bad tenants you need to screen them by asking them to fill out a rental application form. You should ask for all the

Looking After Your Home or Building

When it comes to looking after a building, prevention is definitely better than the cure. Buildings, as we all know, are expensive to buy and if you don’t look after them properly, you’re letting yourself in for a lot of trouble. These are some maintenance tips to help you save money in the long run.

Firstly, you need to make sure that the structure of your building is sound. That means getting a survey done before you even consider investing any money in it. So many people fail to do this and only realise they have a problem when it’s too late. A survey is relatively inexpensive compared to being stuck with a lot of work.

There are things you can do to make your building more cost-effective. These include installing double-glazing and adding extra insulation. A building should be kept warm in winter so the pipes don’t freeze, and to guard against things like damp. Making sure your building is well-insulated will save on your fuel bill too.

If you have an older property you should think about carrying out a survey yourself every year. Check the roof and look for cracks and other

What Should I Look For When I Purchase A New Home?

Good question! It’s a good idea to think about what you should look for when you purchase a new home before you actually sign on the dotted line and pay. Buying a new home can be a rewarding experience if you do it right. Just make sure you protect yourself from any surprises down the line. You want to know some of the ways you can? Well, you may want to consider these tips before purchasing your new home:

1) Make sure you select a reputable builder when you purchase your new home! Do your research on the builder to find out about their past work. You can find out the type of work a builder has previously done by getting the names of the home communities established by the builder. Go to those particular communities and ask some of the homeowners if they have had any problems with that particular builder. You can also ask the homeowners what they like about their home builder.

2) Consider getting a home inspection done on your new home by hiring your own independent home inspector. You can find a certified home inspector via the American Society of Home

What Personal Property Stays?

The home selling and buying process can be confusing, particularly when it comes to figuring out what items stay with the home. This is especially true when it is a FSBO (for sale by owner) operation. It’s even tougher when neither the seller nor the buyer is in the real estate business. This article sorts out what personal property stays with the home when it is sold.

Personal Property

Although every state has slightly different rules, there are general guidelines to what goes and stays when a house is sold. Typically, any items attached to the home stay with it while non-attached items are considered personal property and go with the seller. For instance, the seller typically takes personal property such as tools and potted plants.

Certain personal property items, however, don’t always go with the seller. In Virginia, items such as stoves, washers and dryers, refrigerators and built-in microwaves usually stay with the home when the buyer moves in.

If you’re a seller and you don’t offer the items generally expected to convey, you make your property less attractive than the competition. With the red-hot real estate market, it may not matter. You

Property Management – To Hire Or Not to Hire?

Are you ready to clean, make repairs, place ads in the paper, screen tenants and handle emergencies? If you aren’t planning on hiring a property manager for your rental property then we hope your answer was YES!

Here’s a list of some of the things we’ve had to do when we’ve opted not to hire property management:

  • Clean the property of clutter and maintain the outdoor areas of the property while occupied. This includes snow removal in the winter and lawn maintenance in the summer. When vacant, you will likely have to get in there and clean it yourself (or hire someone) to make it more presentable.
  • Repairs and maintenance (from small things like changing a lightbulb or unclogging a toilet to bigger things like painting or electrical work). Even if you hire someone to do this work, you still have to do the work to hire someone.
  • Determine the market value of rent in order to advertise the units (check comparable houses/units in the area by checking online or local listings).
  • Determine best places to advertise and place the ads for your rental units (front lawn, local university, paper, online, etc.).
  • Show the property, take applications and screen

Are Private Equity Investments Right for Me?

Have you ever thought about the money that is made in land development and construction? Have you excluded this as a possibility for you because you do not have the capital investment available or you don’t have the necessary knowledge and experience that is required? There is an alternative that can allow you to reap the profits that are being made through land development and construction.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) have been formed by individuals with backgrounds in finance and real estate development. These LLC’s then raise the start up capital in the form of Private Equity. Private equity is the money used for the initial purchase of a property, by the LLC. This money comes from various investors and is controlled by the managers of the LLC. This money allows the LLC to leverage the land adequately to obtain bank financing for the development and construction. The investors (known as members) receive a profit when the units are sold and the project is closed out. The return can be substantial. Key Benefits may include:

  • Short term investment, could be as quick as 24 Months
  • Upwards of 50% (ROI) Return on Investment: This is the

Why is My House Not Selling?

And what can I do to help it sell.

I have received a few calls lately from clients asking why their house isn’t selling. We recently ran a seminar and one of the sections was how to improve your chances of selling you house. So here’s a look at the market and perhaps will give some explanation as well as some tips on how to improve your chances of selling your house.

Market appraisal.

Is the market dead? Most certainly not!

Based on recent activity the market is very much alive and kicking. In August we have sold property and have something like 150 enquiries to deal with, most of them genuine buyers and most of whom looking to buy in the next 3 months. So the market is not dead by any means.

The UK market is very slow and UK buyers are thin on the ground, but as these represent only 5% of the actual market it shouldn’t affect the market too much. Those that are looking are bargain hunting. They are looking for something generally below 150,000. Why this figure -I can only assume but I believe that many of

Selling A Home – What Attachments Stay or Go?

The home selling and buying process can be confusing. This is especially true when it is a FSBO (for sale by owner) operation. It’s even tougher when neither the seller nor the buyer is in the real estate business. This article sorts through what stays in the house or condo when it’s sold.

Attachments – Literally!

In most states, the term “attached” takes on a unique meaning in real estate. Essentially, it boils down to this, “If it’s attached to the real estate, it’s no longer personal property.” Practically speaking, anything attached to the home stays with it when ownership is transferred. Applying this concept, it’s easy to see why chandeliers, doorknobs and kitchen cabinets stay.

To determine whether something stays or goes, focus on the attachment issue. Plants can often be a confusing item. Generally, it they are planted in the ground, they stay. If they are in planters, they go. With other items, just look to see if they are attached to the property.

I Am Seller – Hear Me Roar!

If you’re a seller, you’ve probably spent a good bit of time and effort on the property. What if you

Selling Your Home? Consider an Auction

It’s a pity that very few people consider auctioning a house as a viable selling option. This may be because many believe that auctions are only done at Christie’s for small works of art, or done by banks to get rid of their repossessed properties. The latter reason may also be the most compelling reason why home owners would rather not put their house on public auction, and choose to just wait it out.

Unfortunately, waiting for the right time to sell a house or the right person to come along and purchase the house will not be beneficial to your property’s existing market value. Remember that the longer your house stays on the market, the older and the more new competition it gets. Although the land the house rests on may increase in value, the physical structure itself, devalues. In addition, you may be paying extra on taxes and maintenance, expenses that you can do without.

If there is an existing real estate demand or the property rates are high, why not grab the opportunity and put up your unit for an auction. It’s a quick and effective way of selling a property at a

How to Find the Perfect Renters For Your Rental Property

You have opened your house for rental and have had couple of applications from some interested people. But now, you do not known how to choose the best one who can take care of your house and still provide you perfect remuneration each week. Well, if you are in such a dilemma then this guide will show you how to choose that perfect renter for your rental property.

What kind of renters you are looking for?

The very first thing to understand while leasing a house is that your potential applicants cannot afford a home mortgage because they might have bad credit, lost a job or might have lost a house even because of their financial problems. You should understand that most tenants do not have enough of financial ability to back home loans but might have just turned their table slight with a bit of financial help. They will probably have a good rental period for at least 6 months, might have got a new job and though they have had bad credit but they must be taking care of improving the credit with paying older dues and car payments.

You should understand this

Ways to Get Top Dollars For Your Home

Donald Trump got rich from real estate. So did many Americans. Have you ever been to a bar or a restaurant and you hear your neighbor or someone told you he sold his house and get more than the asking price? Do you ever wish that were you? Well it can be. If you are looking to sell your home, for top dollars, then read this article.

Let’s say your home range is between $300,000 to $350,000. Your realtor suggested that you list the home for $325,000. You really want to get $350,000. Why would you want to get more than 325,000? Because more money means more profit. So what should you do? Convince the realtor to get you the $350,000 and do your part as well. Here are 4 ways to get the top dollars for your home.

It is all about marketing the property.

Get the realtor to do some email blast, mailing blast such as just listed, open houses and just about every marketing open to a realtor today. By doing so, more people will know about your home and they will want to buy it. Real estate is a numbers game.